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GARA Product Line

Based on the cold and harsh climate, Norwegians has since early times harvested from the pure and nourishing nature. Using tradition and experience we present several products which is harvested from sea and land. All GARA products are produced with love and appreciation.


GARA Fruits & Berries

Fruits and berries are grown under the same long days which matures slowly and gives a great taste with good acidity.

GARA Elstar Apple – an apple a day ... (dried).

GARA Cherries – anti-inflammatory effect & diabetes.

GARA Blackcurrant - Immune-enhancing, vitality-enhancing, bactericidal and antiviral inhibitor.

GARA Flowers & Herbs

A long-lasting day gives flowers and herbs an extraordinary growing season. Helped by a variety of clean fresh air, sustainable rain and a caring helping hand, brings out a unique quality. This we proudly present through our GARA Flowers & Herbs product line.

GARA Dandelions - Diuretic and also acts on high blood pressure.

GARA Isop - Pharmaceutical industry and for use in liqueur and perfume manufacture.

GARA Pors (Myrcia Gale) - Used for scabies and as wound medicine and used in creams against unclean skin. There are at least 150 organic compounds in the porcelain. Many of these are not found elsewhere in the plant kingdom.

GARA Marine

Making use of the Golf Stream which provides a nutritional environment for all animals, fish, shrimps and plants along the long coast, combined with fresh water from rivers that runs into our fjords, we can harvest a well of verities in clear fresh waters.

Some of these being:

GARA Seal oil – Omega 3 for flexibility of cells, skin, hair and joints.

GARA Shrimp Shell – Lower blood pressure and good for the hart.

GARA sea weed – Minerals & vitamines.

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