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GARA – A Through Taste of Norway – The Origin

Situated in the southern part of the region of Trøndelag, Lille-Tiset farm has been making use of the land since the early 1500, producing all kinds of crop carefully selected to nourish humans.  Before the reformation Lille-Tiset belonged to the Norweagian King which in 1730 sold the farm using Apotecher Johannes Julius Strach as a mediate. In books dated back to 1700 we can read that Lille-Tiset farm «is situated on a high mountans 4,5 miles from the sea.

Diuretic and also acts on high blood pressure.

Pharmaceutical industry and for use in liqueur and perfume manufacture.

Fruits and berries are grown under the same long days which matures slowly and gives a great taste with good acidity.

Making use of the Golf Stream which provides a nutritional environment for all animals, fish, shrimps and plants along the long coast, combined with fresh water from rivers that’s runs into our fjords, we can harvest a well of verities in clear fresh waters.

GARA Product Line

Based on the cold and harsh climate, Norwegians has since early times harvested from the pure and nourishing nature. Using tradition and experience we present several products which is harvested from sea and land.

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